A little bit about me.


So, you want to know more about me?

Well, once upon a time I was a marketing specialist dreaming of my future career and something just wasn't quite right. I thought to myself,

"When am I the happiest? When am I the most engaged at work (and I mean, really engaged, the "8 hours flies by and you didn't even realize the end of the day arrived" kind of engaged)?"

After toiling with this question for a while, I realized that the common thread in all of my favourite professional endeavours was when I was straddling the line between logic and creativity. Enter UX Design.

I have found where I am meant to be. Using my strengths in empathy and communication, I get to design products that solve real problems for real people. I get to flex my creative skills, but I also know that everything I am doing is rooted in logic and factual research. It is the epitome of the "best of both worlds" for me.

Do you have even more questions? Want to work together? or even just chat?

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